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Training Through A New Lens

A company's learning & development is the reflection of a company's culture and state of health. Consider how training or lack of, impacts your business:

  • Onboarding - The first impression a company makes with a new hire is onboarding. Is your company's onboarding like drinking through a fire hose with overwhelming amount of information? Is the training dry and lack the impression you want employees to have about your company?

  • Employee Growth & Succession - Do you offer upskill training so that employees can be prepared to take on additional responsibilities and grow within the company?

  • Leadership - The #1 reason people leave their current job is their supervisor. Are your supervisors equipped with the tools to be successful in their role? Do they reflect the culture of your organization? Do they truly lead or simply manage?

  • Functional - Do you pull your best people off the floor to train others? Do you overwhelm staff with training or even worse, provide no training because you think the work is simple or "intuitive"?

  • Compliance - Consider the amount of money spent to develop/update compliance training annually, plus the amount of time staff takes to complete the training. But if the training is not well designed, consider the greater risk/responsibility a company is liable for if an incident occurs that could have been prevented with proper training.

SAVE $$$

Using HPT's learning strategy approach, clients save money in development of training material and time it takes staff to complete training 

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Improve Desired Results

HPT's learning strategy increases learner retention, distributes training more organically to minimize training time, and can be shaped to fit an agile or static schedule workplace


HPT offers a successful leadership program that encourages ongoing learning and practice to develop new skills


HPT offers an abundance of off the shelf course content that can be branded and customized for your business


HPT helps clients all over the world with learning strategies to optimize training to reach desired goals


HPT offers professional development services to individuals looking to expand or improve their professional skill set

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