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With more than 20 years of experience in learning & development, and as a preferred partner with many LMS companies, HPT delivers a team of experts to deliver on your training needs.

Do you measure ROI with your training investments?

Whether you need supplemental help to off-set your current workload or lack a training department altogether, HPT can personalize our current off-the-shelf content or build/deliver new custom training to meet your business needs.

What does good look like in your training programs?

Beyond training development, HPT has proven success in assessing and implementing learning strategies for the unique needs of more than 100 businesses all over the world.


Death by PowerPoint

Many organizations feel most comfortable with the delivery of training using PowerPoint. Our PowerPoint training is easy to update, customize, and available with notes to be delivered by any trainer or manager.

Working on a Computer


The most traditional training today consists of e-learning. HPT's

e-learning can be personalized and available to upload to any organizations learning management system.


HPT specializes in the ability to deliver nanolearning content to avoid interruption of daily operations, enhance learner retention, and roll-out training rapidly in a budget friend learning & development strategy.

Using Mobile Phone

Accountability is essential in business operations as it is in training to ensure expectations are communicated clearly and understood accurately. HPT activities, assessments, observation checklists are excellent methods to reinforce content.

Warehouse Workers in Hardhats

Prove It

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