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Leveraging innovative technology with sound instructional design processes to solve organizational challenges.


The Leadership Training Program can be accessed off-the-shelf on the HPT learning portal or can be uploaded to an organization's learning management system. 

The program consists of e-learnings, activities, practice, and optional live follow-up sessions. Or it can be customized leveraging the new HPT nanolearning strategy to retain even more knowledge, giving more time to practice the skills learned, and minimizing the impact of daily operations through the training experience.

Download the Leadership Program course catalog below.

Leadership Flex Program

Coming Soon!

Our leadership program designed specifically for personal gyms, dance studios, AAU basketball programs, baseball club teams, and all small businesses that rely on a small team of coaches, trainers, and employees to run a successful business.

This program is adapted from our successful corporate leadership program bringing a number of the same tools and processes that can help scale your business and providing a better experience for your players, athletes, etc. This program is unique as it also addresses business development aspects such as compliance and financial considerations that need to be considered to protect your business and confidently operate the business within both local and federal laws and regulations.

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